Chip’s Forehead

That spot on his forehead in the picture above?  It is a chicken pock mark!  Very rare to see these days, no?

Chip was born in August and in October I came down with Shingles.  It was my second time – the first time was during a stressful finals week in college.  I recognized it much earlier this time and got medication early, meaning it ended up being a far less severe case.  The rash-y area though, was around my waistline, exactly where Chip cuddled while nursing.  Inevitably, he contracted chicken pocks, though it was a pretty mild case.

An anti-vax friend of mine had me rub  him down with an old towel and Fed Ex it to her, but to no avail – her kids didn’t contract it.  I laughed, though, this past fall when I went to register Mare for Kindergarten and discovered that she had never been vaccinated for Chicken Pox.  Apparently I had refused that one and then forgotten about it.  I can’t believe I missed my chance to naturally infect her when her own brother had it and yet I tried to infect other kids who lived 500 miles away!



  1. One of my sons has some chicken pox scars. I have two boys (and a girl, born later, at the time there were just the two boys) and amazingly I missed my older son’s case of the chicken pox. It was only when his brother started breaking out in *pustules* that we went ‘oh, yeah! That’s what Jonah must have had!’.

    We’ve gotten better since then.

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