Posted by: heartfull | January 21, 2010

Moved In!

As of Tuesday, we have moved back into our 99% completed home.  The girls were thrilled to be in their rooms.  Pictures coming tomorrow because the rooms turned out so cute.  Both are unique and creative and I’m way impressed with their ideas and my designer’s paint choices.  Charlie loves his room but is very nervous about sleeping in it.  The last two nights he has started out in his bed but finds us at some point during the night.  I am fine with this – I just want him to have a secluded space to go to sleep.  Whether he stays there all night is irrelevant.

So, we are back but the house was a disaster zone.  I had cleaned the basement before we “moved out”, but the kids would get stuff out every time we went over to work on the weekends.  So my formerly pristine family room looked like a junk room.  Plus the Christmas Tree is still standing.  Not to mention that all the furniture on thh main level was still stuffed into one room and all the kitchen stuff was still in the basement.  Ugh.  I stayed up until 3:30 in the morning on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning making this house back into a home.  I accomplished a lot, but not enough.  I figured out what many of the drawers and cabinets would hold.  I ran about 20 bazzillion loads of dishes since they were all covered in dust and rubble.  I put the dishes in their designate cabinet.  Sometimes I just stood there, staring at cabinets and trying to figure out what made sense.  I only moved the essentials – a lot of stuff is still in the basement.  I think I’ll move it up as needed, effectively weeding out the paraphernalia that has accumulated over the years.  Oh – and I cleaned the refrigerator.  It was gross.  It is going in the basement and a new one is being delivered on Monday, but I’m glad I took the time now to get it clean.

Yesterday I cleaned more, moved more of the kids stuff around, moved more kitchen items and, after dinner, started putting the furniture back into the living room.  The new color in there looks amazing – I’m so pleased with it.  Thanks awesome designer!

I don’t even want to think about all the work involved with picking up the basement (including taking down the Christmas Tree – hey, we weren’t living there, remember?) and the girls’ old room (they are future hoarders, I swear.)  I’m tackling that today.  Woo Hoo.


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