Posted by: heartfull | August 27, 2010


Chip turned 5 a couple weeks ago.  And so I decided it was time to start mentioning to him that he might not be pronouncing some words correctly.

Chip:  I’m going to take that whiff me.

Mom:  Chip, listen to mommy say the word “with” – wi-TH… wi-TH.  Can you hear the difference?  You are using an “f” sound.  Mommy uses a “th” sound.

Chip:  …

Mom:  Try it!  “wi-TH”

Chip:  Whiff

Mom:  Wi-TH!

Chip:  Wi-th…  Mom, I don’t care.  Whiff.  I say whiff.  Agrhhhhhh!  I like WHIFFFFFFFF.

Yeah, so I gave up.  I guess he just isn’t ready yet.


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