Posted by: heartfull | November 20, 2009

This is gonna be so cool.

Last night I started tackeling the wallpaper in the powder room.  The wood floors are going in at some point (they are delivered and waiting) and I’m having the guy install them in the powder room as well, even though that room isn’t officially a room to be rehabbed by the contractor.  The crew tore out the toilet and vanity and I paid the plumber to get the pipes ready for the pedestal sink.

My brother took a hammer drill to the floor yesterday and removed the two layers of tile that were in there. So at that point, technically, the floors could be installed.  But when I got home yesterday I saw that he didn’t take the tile off the wall (there was only one row at the base of the wall.)  So yesterday afternoon I took a tool I found in the crew’s arsenal and chipped off the tile.  Which, of course, took off chunks of plaster.  So I needed to fix that before the guy installed the floors, but before I could plaster the walls I needed to remove the wall paper.  And before I did that, I needed to remove the switch plates.  Enter Chip.

I was searching for a screwdriver when John got home from work.  I told Chip to go ask daddy to find me a flat head screwdriver.  John sent him back with one of those multi-tip doohickeys and Chip was upset that it wasn’t the right kind.  I showed him how it worked, though, and then you would have thought I showed him his first piece of sliced bread.

I asked him if he wanted to help me remove the the switchplate and he started jumping up and down frantically.  He was so excited.  Then I lifted him up and he exclaimed
“This is going to be sooooo cool!”.  And then I let him turn the screw all by himself and he was thrilled.  Amazingly thrilled.  The kid loves this stuff.


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