Posted by: heartfull | November 19, 2009

On the road again

John and I are headed to Tennessee for a weekend of Volunteers football and solitude.  My parents have a vacation home in Crossville, Tennessee which is in between Nashville and Knoxville.  I may or may not have mentioned that John and I lived in Knoxville for three years befor having kids.  I worked and John finished up his undergraduate degree at UT.  We haven’t been back since and have some friends there that we would like to see.  This would be only the second time we have left the kids for a weekend together.  The first was our trip to New York City when I was on the cover of Women’s World.  We had a blast that time.  I don’t expect this trip to be quite as exciting, but I’m still looking forward to it.

Of course, before I can leave I must get the kids and their grandparents ready for my absense.  I have to pack suitcases and give my mom an iternerary of where to take them and ideas on what to do.   I’m a little worried about my parents going crazy – dad has a short fuze these days when it comes to little kids and mom gets tired.  Hopefully the girls can keep the bickering to a minimum – we’ll have a talk before I leave.  Other than that, they are pretty self-sufficient.  Chip – well, he is four and very, very busy.  Nothing I can do about that.  I predict much TV in my kids’ future.  They will be thrilled.  My brother is going to take them to a family-oriented party on Saturday night, so that will be a nice break for the grandparents.

Anyways, Go Vols!


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