Posted by: heartfull | November 25, 2009


John and I had a great time in Tennessee.  We went to a Vols game on Saturday and to the Smokey Mountains on Sunday.  Friday night and Monday morning we spent driving.

We met our friends Mark and Julia at the game and had a great time.  It didn’t seem like it had been 13 years since we last saw them.  And the Vols won.  And the the food at the Mellow Mushroom was fantastic.

I have to say, though, I had forgotten how incredibly uncomfortable it is to sit on bleachers for 3 hours.  I think I pinched a nerve – my lower back and lower legs ached all day Sunday and Monday and the backs of my thighs still feel like I ran another half marathon.

The Smokey Mountains were still beautiful – even in rainy, cold weather.  Tourists still drove drove incredibly slow (5 mph, people???) through Cades Cove.  The Little River Road is still very twisty turny.  Gatlinburg is still very gouche.  We had a great time though and started plannin a family trip over spring break.

It is always nice to get back to your home and kids.  Of course Chip was napping when we got home Monday afternoon and yelled “Go Away” and “I want Emmy” when he woke up and saw us.  John was stunned.  I told him it was par for the course and Em has told me in the past that he does the same thing to her when he wakes and expects to see me.  Small consolation, but I’ll take it.

Mare’s welcome home hug at school pick up more than made up for it.  And even though I had to force the extended hug, Bird was obviously pleased as well.


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