Posted by: heartfull | July 8, 2011

Coming up

This past school year has been the season of overcommitment. PTO President. Baseball Team Manager. Swim Team Parent Rep. Two classes at the community college this spring. Working 30 hours. Wife, mother, blah blah blah. Too much.

PTO President is done. Swim Team Parent Rep will be done as of next weekend. I’ve given up the dream of acquiring my teaching degree. I’m looking forward to just being there for my family and saying NO to everything else. So, this next year I’m down to Baseball Manager, Employee, Wife and Mother. And maybe that means I can add roman-shade-sewer, re-upholsterer and hallway-painter to my titles.


Chip starts kindergarten this fall. I’m so excited for him and yet filled with the desire to stop time. Freeze him at five. I love five. Of course, I loved 1, 2, 3 and 4. Which means I’ll love 6 too. And all the numbers after it. But man, five is cute and independent and adventurous and cuddly and inquisitive and pleasing and awesome.


The question these days is money and how to decide how to spend it. So many activities want our money and yet this year, we have make some choices. The one I’m struggling with is piano lessons. So expensive and yet, so beneficial. Besides piano we are committed to:

Bird: Year-round swim team, Fall volleyball
Mare: Year-round dance (2-3 classes), Fall volleyball, Winter basketball, Summer Dive/Swim
Chip: Fall soccer, Winter wrestling, Spring Baseball, Summer Swim

And that, my friends, adds up to a lot of cash. Decisions, decisions…


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