Posted by: heartfull | December 18, 2009

The home stretch

You know that feeling towards the end of your pregnancy when the newness and excitement of it all has worn off and you just want to be done?  That feeling that hits you about two weeks before you deliver the baby?  That is right where I am with the construction project.  Right.  There.

The dirt.  It is overwhelming.  Dusting is pointless.  Vacuuming helps.  Two nights ago I spent a couple hours vacuuming up all the dust, rubble and wood shavings that had fallen down into my storage closet in the basement.  Once they took the floor off the kitchen, only the subfloor was left, which consisted of 1″x4″ boards with big gaps in between each board – big enough to let just about anything fall into portions of the basement that weren’t finished (like my storage closet and laundry room.)  The kids’ toys were covered with it.  Our pockets of the clothes hanging in there were filled with it.  It was disgusting.  In fact, it had been like that for a couple weeks, but I just didn’t have the energy to tackle it because the rest of the basement needs constant vacuuming just to save the carpeting from complete ruin.  And the bedroom floors – lordy!  They are a mess all the time.

The invasion.  It is stressful.  Every day there are guys in our house pounding away.  Their stuff is everywhere and they leave coffee cups and soda cups all over the place.  Every night all five of us are jammed into three rooms – our only options are the two bedrooms  or the basement family room which also sports a card table for eating at.  Eating down there all the time has wreaked havoc on the carpeting.  Add the fact that it is December and a particularly cold one at that, and you have a lot of fighting, whining and screaming going around at the Heartfull household.  Joy!

The good news is we are on the home stretch.  The upstairs walls are painted, trim is installed and ceiling fixtures are up.  The trim needs to be caulked and painted and the bathroom vanity and other fixtures need installation.  The carpeting can go in as soon as they say it is in.  The stairs are done except for the railing.  The kitchen cabinets have been in for a couple weeks and the counter tops go in on Monday.  They should finish the trim in the kitchen soon, I would think next week.  Then we can paint the first floor and stain the wood floors.  I would say two weeks from now – though Christmas will throw a wrench in the timing.

Yeah – its going to be a great when we finally get it done.  But at this point, I’m a couple weeks from the “due date” and I’m just over it.


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