February, 2009 Update:

I’m back to being a sloth.  For the record.

May Update:

Dr. King couldn’t do anything for me – by the time I finally got around to seeking his help, the pain was pretty much gone and x-rays revealed there was no arthritis or stress fractures.  After letting me know that he doesn’t think long distance running is the best thing for the human body, he told me that if it starts to bother me again after I start running, get in to see him ASAP.  Oh – and cross train so that I’m not running five days a week.

Late April Update:

Well, I have an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon. My left hip never forgave me for the Half Marathon and I still can’t do anymore than walk (slowly) on it. If I have to move quickly and use my left leg to support myself, I’m punished with pain throughout my hip, thigh and pelvic region.

I thought rest would help, but it doesn’t seem to be getting better, so I decided to see a professional. I’m hoping a little physical therapy will get me back out and running again.

April Update:

I did it! I failed to mention in the February Update below that the group was training for the St. Louis Half Marathon on April 6, 2008. I ran it in 2:01:47, which I’m very proud of. That comes out to 9:15 minute miles. Read about it here.

February Update:

I found a group to train with! I’m so excited. A woman named Mary formed the group through her church (not my parish, but right next to mine – and the one most of the kids my girls go to school with belong to.) The cost is $60 and they meet on Saturday mornings. I missed the month of January and the first run in February, but I’ll be there bright and early this Saturday for a 6 mile run – which is 2 miles more than I have run in about 10 years. Pray for me.

January, I wrote:

I am in training.

There. I said it. I don’t know where or when, but I plan on running a race, something other than a 5k. At first I claimed I was running a half marathon in April. I believe at this point that may be too ambitious. Basically, we don’t have a treadmill and it has been cold. I would run anyways, but the only time I can run is during the afternoon, and Chip was plain old cold last time I went. For safety reasons, I’m not willing to run by myself at night.

I have been an on-again, off-again runner since the age of 9. After my first pregnancy, I stopped almost completely when all my foot problems went away over the course of the nine months I was pregnant. I had had several surgeries prior to that and I now attribute them all to running. I’ve decided, though, that I don’t have the options I once did with regard to when and where I will exercise. The kids are in school, I work part time, I value volunteering at school and money can only be spread so thin. With all that in mind, running seems to be the only thing that fits my schedule and my budget. We’ll see if it also “fits” my feet.

I hope to update here when I can. I wish this page could be set up as a sub-blog.



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