Posted by: heartfull | February 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Mare!


Eight!  I can’t believe my baby girls is eight.  I keep telling you to quit growing and you keep going faster.

Have I told you how much I love having you in my life?  You are sunshine personified.  Just like when you were a baby, people are drawn to you.  Your classmates like you.  Your teachers like having you there.  You are quiet but still command attention.  As always, you know who you want to be friends with – you like vibrant girls, ones who stand out just a bit.

You have become such a reader!  Sneaking books late at night, devouring chapter books – though perhaps a bit too quickly – your teacher and I know you can’t actually be reading the whole book.  But the love of reading (or at least reading the paragraphs next to the pictures)  is there and that matters the most.

You also continue to love clothes.  You certainly have a knack for putting together outfits.  I get compliments from your friends’ mothers quite often!  Even when an outfit is a little goofy, it is obvious you have dressed yourself with intent.

Quiet time for you is spent reading or playing with your Littlest Pet Shops or sometimes your American Girl dolls.  You like to draw and write stories as well.

Your piano skills are really taking off.  You have an ear for the music and while theory may never be your favorite part, the actual playing seems to come pretty easy to you.

You gave up teasing your sister for lent.  Hilarious!  The wonderful thing is, there has been so much less fighting in our house.  Please, please let it become a habit.

You are cuddly and love physical contact.  You seek out grandmas’ laps.  Mom some times shoes you away – but then I remember that it won’t always be like this!  In fact, you need more mommy time than I am able to give.  That is the joy of having siblings – it will make you stronger, my dear.  But we do manage to get out by ourselves twice a month or so and I try to set aside a few moments every day where it is just you and me on a chair or in your bed or in the car.

I love you babydoll!



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