Posted by: heartfull | December 1, 2009


Nothing to slow down a project like the discovery of termites.  Well, past termites as they are actually long gone.  But the damage they did is incredible.  The two rows of  two-by-fours (including a supporting beam) are totally gone.  As in, the plaster in the girls’ room is holding up the roof.  Oh yeah – and the new addition because lucky!for!us! the addition rests on that point.

The good news is they are fixing it.  Since the damage goes behind a st0ne wall, they have to take out the girls’ bedroom wall since they can’t see how far down the little buggers went.  Hopefully not to the subfloor.  Because then they also have to tear into my finished basement’s ceiling.



Better news is that they have three of the kitchen cabinets up and they look lovely.  I’m very, very pleased.


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