Posted by: heartfull | November 6, 2009


September 081

Chip (Kinsgston), Emmy, Bird (Ava) and Mare (Suri)


Here are the kids and Emmy just before our segment.  Its a little hard to take pictures in these studios because they have innocuous looking things all over the place that end up reflecting the flash and messing up my camera’s ability to focus.

September 086Meeting Matt, one of the show’s hosts

September 101Waiting to go on

September 105They were asked to be in another segment, so an impromptu gig.

September 106Bird wasn’t happy about the fact that her shirt said “middle child” with a boy’s name around it.  But in the end, getting onto another segment was more important.

September 111They were invited to be on the last segment as well, so this is them waiting.  Mare has changed into her other clothes because she was not a fan of Suri Cruise’s look (too cutesy for her.  She doesn’t DO skirts anymore.)

So that is it.  While I felt like I was constantly taking pictures, their doesn’t seem to be many.  One of the problems, I think, with cameras.  If you want to enjoy the moment, you have to put down the camera.  And yet you want the pictures later.  I guess if my kids really were any of the kids they dressed as, they wouldn’t have that problem.  Not that I would want that life for any of them.


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