Posted by: heartfull | November 5, 2009

Move over Tyra!

Remember when the girls were in a wedding show?  Now Emmy has them scheduled for the big time – a local morning show on our CBS affiliate.    OK – maybe not quite the big time.  But TV!  Not many kids get to be on TV.  They are thrilled.

Emmy has been doing a show on Great Day St. Louis once a month – they call her the Savvy Shopper.  Her segments are fun and it doesn’t intimidate me in the slightest that I come home every day to St. Louis’s Savvy Shopper (wearing my three-year-old slacks and last season’s sweaters) because I am a confident woman who can dress herself in fashionable trendy classic clothes that last.  Yes, that is right.  Ahem.  Anywhoooo, so today she is doing a segment called “Dress Like the Stars’ Kids for Less”.  And my kids get to be the models.  Bird will be flaunting Ava Whitherspoon’s style, Mare will be strutting like Suri Cruze and Chip will be Chip, dressed up as Kingston Stephani.

I’m meeting them at the station so I can watch and take pictures at 10:00 am.  I’m just hoping that everything goes smoothly – Chip could decide at any moment that he is d-o-n-e.  Emmy, though, has done a good job of practicing with him (and the girls) so we should be ok.  Keep your fingers crossed!


Last night Bird remarked that Emmy’s family is really cool.  Bird noted that Emmy’s father plays in a jazz band.  Her brother Jason, who moved to L.A., is in a band and is apparently (I just learned) going to be in a movie.  Jill, her sister, puts together St. Louis Fashion Week and is a fashion editor at a local magazine and Emmy is The Savvy Shopper on TV.  And Sue, her mom, is one of the most awesome substitute nannies we know.

Yeah.  That is cool, Bird.


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