Posted by: heartfull | November 4, 2009


The walls are up, the drywall screwed on and tape is being applied as I type.  Quite honestly, I just walk around, gazing at it all and marvel that it is mine.

Three bedrooms and a bathroom went upstairs.  The “common area” (used to be called a hallway when they made them narrower) isn’t quite big enough for much, but it definitely feels open and airy.  I like the recessed lighting in it.  The bathroom is very small.  Just enough room for a 60″ double sink, toilet and tub/shower.  The girls’ bedrooms are about 11×12, Chip’s maybe 10×11.  Perfect size for kids.

The kitchen is going to be wonderful.  The new cabinets arrive next week some time, not that we are ready to install them yet, but we are getting close.  The new range is in and I’m hoping to order the new refrigerator before the kitchen is complete, though I’m trying to stay within budget and that might be one area where I have to wait.  We are using our old dishwasher and disposal.  The base cabinets that form the bar overlooking the breakfast room is going to be very nice – it’s where the sink and dishwasher are and has a raised area to eat at.  I wish I had made the breakfast room two feet longer, but whatever.  I’m picking a narrow table for the breakfast room and going with backless chairs for the bar.  Problem solved.  The windows were installed last week and they are stunning.  They make the 2′ shortfall not feel so obvious.

I’m going to gut the powder room myself and then pay the contractors to carry the wood floors going into the kitchen on into the powder room and then install the pedestal sink and toilet I’m buying from Home Depot.

I’m planning to make the kids’ old bedroom into my craft/sewing/scrapbooking/computer room.  Yay!  That moves me out of the downstairs office which John plans to make into his Mancave.

When I’m not thinking about my new mortgage, all I can think is:  Life is good.


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