Posted by: heartfull | November 3, 2009


Chip and I were driving down the road yesterday, talking about letters of the alphabet.  Do you know how hard it is to come up with words that begin with a certain letter?  Try it!  See – hard.  Right???

“Aaaaa – what letter is that sound”


“No, no, listen “aaaaa”.  It starts the word apple”


“Um, no.  “aaaaa” – It is an “A” Chip!


“Good!  It also starts words like Aunt Amy and, um, apple (shit – already said that one), and um, ant (way to confuse the kid)!  And………………….. anteater!” (I am sooooo lame)

“What is an anteater, mom?”

“A big hairy animal with a long snout that goes around sucking up ants with its snout.  We’ve seen one at the zoo.”

“Well, I know it can’t live in a desert because then it would die from sucking up sand.”

Um.  Yeah, ok.  Well thought-out, my boy.


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