Posted by: heartfull | October 9, 2009

Construction, a reunion and life

I was up until 12:30 last night clearing out the kitchen.  The rain has stopped work on the roof (which is going incredibly slow – two guys don’t make much progress on a roof, apparently) and yesterday they took out the exterior kitchen wall, the wall that encased the new stairs and the header in the dining room.  That done, it is much easier to see how open everything is going to be.  I’m so hoping this is going to look as good as I imagine it will.  So anyways, with the rain continuing, the only thing left to do is tear out the kitchen.  So everything needed to be out.

You can’t even imagine how much stuff was in my kitchen.  The small appliances alone were overwhelming.  Three crockpots. two rice makers, an ice tea maker and, well, you get the picture.  And I had to find a place to put it all.  Like, um, the basement floor?


The girls come home from school every day and go up in the their new rooms.  Which right now have only studs for walls.  But they can imagine.  Bird picked the only room facing the back yard, which means it will be the darkest in the morning – a good thing.  She has her whole room planned out – furniture is theoretically placed, themes planned.  She even picked out the comforter and accessories, which I purchased and put away for Christmas.

Mare wants her room to be all white with multi-colored polka dots.  And she picked the large front bedroom with the biggest window.  So, the sunniest room.  Natch.

Chip could care less what room is his (the smallest) or what it will look like (race cars.)  He just likes playing with all the power tools lying around.


The kids and I met some friends for dinner at Quiznos last night before they took their daughter and mine to piano lesson.  Chip was a freaking nighmare.  When I told him he had to quit climbing on everying he said “But mom, I can’t behave because I am so bored.”

Because I am insane, I then took him to TJ Maxx because I wanted to try and find something cheaper than what I bought for my high school reunion this weekend.  Amazingly, he behaved really well there.  While he did climb in the racks of clothes, he was very concerned about being near me at all times and called for me if he couldn’t find me.  This is unusual and a welcomed change.  Hopefully it is permanent.

I took him in the changing room with me and gave him the piece of plastic with the number 6 on it to hold.  He looked at it as I undressed, rotating it around and then asked “Is this a 6 or a 9?”  I told him it could be either but in this case it is a six because I have six things to try on.  And I discretely shook my head in amazement.


Yeah, so 20 years later, I’m headed to my reunion.  I see a lot of the people all the time around town – more this year because an amazing number of women who I haven’t seen in 20 years take their kids to the same preschool that Chip attends.  It will be fun, but I sure do wish I had lost that extra 20 lbs I gained after Chip was born…


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