Posted by: heartfull | September 28, 2009

Finally, a good day

I picked Chip up from preschool on Thursday and was told he had a good day.  His first.  Yay!

Honestly, it was a battle of wills and he just had to figure out that I was, in fact, going to make him go whether he had good days or not.


Speaking of battling wills, Chip is the poster kid for determination.  Friday I made the mistake of letting him bring his scooter to pick up.  We walked/rode up to the front of school and instead of stopping, Chip saw the crowd of people as an excellent obstacle course and took off like lightening.  I caught him and told him he could not ride in and out of the crowds of parents waiting for their kids to come out.  This was, of course, after he had already done it, because he can ride much faster than I can walk.  My “no” was not received well.  He lost it.  Major tantrum right there in the front of the school.  Impressive.  I finally got hold of his alternatingly limp and flailing body and carried him and the scooter to the side of the waiting area, where he say in a puddle crying.  I started talking to a friend and made the mistake of setting the scooter down.  Chip grabbed it and took off like rocket on the thing, weaving in and out of parents. Subsequently, I got to repeat the whole tantrum thing again.  Super-Duper!

Just before I caught him a friend called out from a few feet away, amazed at Chip’s scootering abilities.  Yeah – they impress me too, but NOT in front of school, breaking multiple school rules.  Gah.


Chip had been bugging me to take him ice skating and so when Chip’s classmate’s mom told me she had signed up her son N for skate lessons, I thought it would a great opportunity to get Chip skating independently and promote a potential friendship.  Except he graduated from SAM 1 after the first lesson.  So while I’m glad that all those times I took him skating last winter means we aren’t starting from scratch, I’m disappointed that he won’t be in class with N.

He loves ice skating.  I told John that I know he would also be thrilled to try youth hockey – a sport that is strong in our town.  John was against it – too much contact.  I was planning to debate it more with John until I listened to Fresh Air on Friday.  The guest was talking about aggression in male baboons and talking about the human ritualization of aggression with sports such as football and hockey.  And I decided right then and there that John was right.

We’ll hold out for baseball and soccer.  Perhaps speedskating if he continues to be attracted to the ice.


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