Posted by: heartfull | September 23, 2009

Intake Time

Last night was intake conferences.  A time when we meet with the teachers one on one and tell them about our child so they can better understand each student.  A time when I can’t think of a thing to say.  Well maybe a thing (or two) but not enough to fill the 20 minutes we are alotted.  So I ramble.

Mare’s teacher confirmed that she is quiet and reserved in school.  A rule-follower.  Just as her first grade teacher said and once again john and  I were totally blown away.  This is so not the outgoing, vivacious child we know.

Bird’s teacher said she appreciated my emails letting her know the little things – Bird was upset about her homework, she had a bad morning, she loves the current book they are reading, etc.  It was good to hear that because although I feel compelled to write them, I often wonder if the teachers think it’s TMI.

I had a little intake, of sorts, yesterday with Chip’s teacher.  It was my turn to help in the classroom and boy did he put on a show for me.  He did not want to join the class on the blue rug.  He wanted to play.  After Mrs. J called him, repeatedly, he finally acquiesced but  insisted on bringing a toy which is against the rules since toys are distracting.  So, he distracted the class for the entire rug time.  Additionally, he did not want to put his smock away and when Mrs. J took his hand and forced him to, he got mad and took it off its hook and threw it back on the ground.  Fortunately, Mrs. J took it all in stride and, once again, forced his hand to pick up the smock and put it away.  Chip’s response was a tantrum.  Short-lived, but still.  Lovely.  Mrs. J also laughed about Chip’s tendency to explain and rationalize his bad behavior with lots of “buts” and general long-windedness.  Yeah, I can relate.

Mrs. J also told me that yesterday was spectacularly over the top for Chip – that many of the kids act up for the moms and usually he does jut fine.  I can only hope that is true.



  1. Change is always the hardest for the youngest child. ;)

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