Posted by: heartfull | September 22, 2009


It has just started and yet.  Wow.  The lack of air conditioning in this crazy-humid place might be the death of us.  No, it isn’t hot but it is freaking muggy.

I made dinner last night – frozen ravioli and canned sauce (gourmet cooking!) and was draining the pasta just as my brother called to invite us over to my mom’s for dinner (he had made bread and brought it over.)  I threw it in the fridge (gourmet grub tomorrow, then) and we left the sweltering furnace that is our home for the cool, conditioned home of my parents.  Ah, sweet relief.

They have the roof cut out to the exact dimensions of our addition (it looks so cool) and the new joists down in 75% of the area.   If the rain holds off, I’m thinking they’ll finish installing the joists and floor this week.  Then on to the walls!

Yeah – rain.  Only on nights and weekends so far.  Though I doubt I’ll be lucky enough to claim that by tomorrow.

Charlie spent the afternoon playing in the large pile of dirt in the backyard.  Then tracked it into the house.  When I told him he could go outside but had to stay off the dirt pile, he said “but it is the funnest part!” and I couldn’t argue with that.  I will be spending time with the vacuum this afternoon.



  1. We need to get a picture of him on top of the dirt pile.

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