Posted by: heartfull | September 16, 2009

He does NOT want to go.

So, it might take longer than two weeks to acclimate Chip to preschool.  Yesterday, his third class, was actually the worst.  I left him kicking and screaming as his teacher held him and eventually resorted to throwing him over her shoulder until the tantrum ended (she told me.  I left like a good mother.)  He claims he is shy, but really, I’ve never seen Chip shy.  Ever.  But I understand anxiety and I’m trying to be accommodating but in the end, he just has to accept the reality of school.  Better now than Kindergarten.

As I carried him into school he screamed asked why he has to go to school ALL THE TIME.  I had to stifle my laugh as I explained that in reality, he only goes two days a week.  For 2 1/2 hours…

When I came back to pick him up, he was busy playing with another boy and didn’t want to stop.  Such a cliche.


In other news, we have started our addition!  We came back from our trip to Chicago (museums and American Girl Place) on Monday to a missing roof.  By Tuesday the the other side of the roof was gone and the foundation for the kitchen addition was poured.  Whoo-hoo!


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