Posted by: heartfull | July 15, 2009


Chip asked me, while at Grandma’s, if I wanted to see something really, really scary.  We headed downstairs and stopped in front of the door leading to the garage.  Chip pointed his flashlight at the wall and illuminated the door stopper.  Yes, the door stopper.

doorstopperMe:  You are scared of that, Chip?

Chip:  Y-E-S!

Me:  Um, why?

Chip:  no comment, just a surprised look at my stubidity as he shifts his gaze from me to the door stopper and grips my hand a little tighter.

Rest assured, at this point I reminded myself that little kids have very vivid imaginations so I reassured him there was nothing to worry about and we headed back up the stairs.

But inside I was giggling.



  1. **giggle** My almost 4 yo is scared of the weirdest things, too!

    • Chip’s the same age – I know it is the imagination part of his brain taking off. But it is pretty amazing to hear what that imagination thinks up!

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