Posted by: heartfull | June 23, 2009

So NOT Spoiled

John took Mare and Chip to our friends’ house on Saturday while I went on the Girl Scout Day Trip From Hell with Bird.  The friends needed John’s computer help and Chip and Mare got to swim in their pool and socialize with their kids in the process.  Win-win.

When Bird and I walked in (after 8 hours outside fishing and selling nachos.  During a heat wave.), we learned about their day.  Mare got a kick out of telling me that Dave’s kids were so spoiled.

Me:  Well, Mare, I don’t think that is a nice thing to say.  I don’t think B and O are spoiled at all.

Mare:  Mom, Dave even said his kids are spoiled!

Me:  Sweetie, he was joking.  B and O are very nice children.

Mare:  Mooooom!  They are so spoiled.  Mom.  They get to eat anything they want while sitting on their sofa…


So, yeah, we don’t eat anywhere but the kitchen or dining room.  Sometimes they can have popcorn while watching a movie in the basement or pizza on family movie night (sitting on a picnic blanket on the floor – what? Do you think I’m insane?).  I really don’t think this is so weird, but I’m learning that maybe it is unusual.  We also don’t jump on our furniture.  Apparently other parents don’t have this rule because I have caught “playdates” doing it on many occasions.

You know – I’m frugal.  I’m into value.  That means that I don’t buy cheap furniture – I buy slightly nicer stuff that will hopefully last longer – as long as we don’t stain it.  I’m not talking $10,000 sofas, but still, nicer than you get at your average discount furniture store.  We sit on it, we lie on it, the kids move it around building forts.

But we don’t eat on it.

Or jump on it.



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