Posted by: heartfull | May 28, 2009

He is super!

Charlie talking to John:

I can do all kinds of super things, Dad!  Like go fast and beat up bad guys!


Speaking of running fast, I don’t think I ever wrote about Chip’s first day of soccer camp.  I had signed him up for a “Kickaroos” soccer session this spring because he was bugging me non-stop to play baseball.  Except I couldn’t find a t-ball program that started kids at age 3 (because, duh.)  So I went with soccer.  The whole family went to watch him that first time and he acted as I expected him to.  Kicked the ball, lost interest, ran across the field, joined the wrong group, practiced dribbling, ran in the wrong direction.  Perfect for a three year old and why I really don’t like organized sports at this age.  But I’m a sucker for begging.

At one point the coach had the kids run from one wall to the either.  Chip (who is convinced he is the next Usain Bolt) started running and screamed out “I’m FAST…” in this really loud roar (we could hear it from behind the plexiglass.)  But then he looked around as he neared the other side of the field and saw that he was, in fact, not first.  Or even second.  He might have even been dead last.  John and I were laughing hysterically.


The pool opened last weekend and we have been a fixture there ever since.  The kids love it.  Chip has befriended the life guards and manages to join in the games of the older boys.  The kid isn’t shy.  Most of these games involve balls and throwing and lucky for Chip, he has a good arm.  Good enough that the life guards are amazed when they see his strength and accuracy.

Those t-ball teams better watch out next year!  Super Boy is coming…


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