Posted by: heartfull | May 20, 2009

Move over Emeril

We finally got around to doing some yard work last weekend.  For most of the spring I convinced myself that I shouldn’t do anything because we are starting our addition soon and it will just get trampled anyways.  In reality, though, I knew the leaves needed to come out from under the bushes and flowers should be planted in the front planter, which is far enough away from the construction.  I also managed to plant a flat of impatiens along our walkway which may or may not get trampled.

The kids helped us.  For 5 minutes.  Well, ok, we got maybe 5 minutes from Mare and Chip, a bit longer for Bird.  After working by ourselves fora 20 minutes or so, I realized I hadn’t seen or heard from the younger two in a while so I asked Bird to run in and see what they were up to.  She came back out telling me Mare was playing and Chip was getting a snack.  Something about meatballs.  MEATBALLS?  I sprinted in the house.

I found Chip standing on a chair he had pushed up to the counter.  There was a bag of Trader Joe’s frozen meatballs sitting open in front of him and a bowl of freshly microwaved meatballs next to him.  Cut meatballes.  He was using my paring knife to halve the meatballs because that is what mom does.


So.  What I need to know is what do other parents do?  How do they avoid their child a) burning down the house or b) burning themselves or c) cutting off a finger?  Do they never let their kids out of their site?  Do they put chains and padlocks on things?  Do they put kitchen knives on the top shelf with the cough syrup and Tylenol?



  1. LOL We put all sharp knives out of reach in a high cupboard. I have a lock on the fridge and the freezer. All of the food is in cabinets with child locks on them.

    And they still tried to make pancakes at 330 am the other night. 1 dozen eggs, 5 lbs of flour, the spray pam and a bag of chips all ended up on the floor of their bedroom.

    Nothing helps if they are determined….

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