Posted by: heartfull | April 8, 2009

Dog:1, Kid:0

I pushed my jog stroller past a teen-aged boy and girl in front of the elementary school yesterday at pick up time waiting, I assume, for a sibling or two to emerge.  As I passed them, I heard the following:

Boy:  I don’t know which is cuter, the kid or the dog!

Girl:  Definitely the dog.


So, this isn’t new.  Gertie was about two when we had Bird.  I used to pack Bird up in the sling or stroller, put Gertie on the leash and take nice, long walks.  People would stop and oh and ah, exclaiming “isn’t she cute!”  But not about my adorable baby.  No – always about my dog.  Sigh.


So I think a comparison is in order:



Sorry for such a crappy photo from, um, four years ago.  I’m just not into photographing my dog.



Cutest boy EVER!

I know who I vote for.


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