Posted by: heartfull | April 7, 2009

Just Two

Mare left for a short trip with my mom on Sunday.  They met my Grandmother, Aunt, Uncle and my Aunt’s granddaughter (also 7) at my mom’s vacation home in Tennessee.  They drive back on Thursday.

Mare was so excited she could barely see straight.  She wanted to start packing a week ahead of time.  Saturday we finally packed her up and she got a backpack full of activities ready to take with her.  The vacation home is actually in retirement community, so activities are limited to leisurely walks, swims in a pool, and Bridge.

I tried to pack a variety of clothes but inadvertently sent her with two pairs of flip flops and no other shoes.  Mare called to tell me it snowed this morning.


Bird, Chip and I were supposed to join my mom and Mare, but the trip, planned around my Aunt’s spring break, was the same week at the MAP test.  Since the school is using the test to determine if Bird should enter the gifted program, I didn’t want her to miss it.  While I know that if she is truly meant to be in the program, she’ll get it, I also feel I have to do everything possible to give her the best shot at it.  She doesn’t know this though – Bird only knows that she couldn’t go to Tennessee and her sister could because of the MAP test.  And she was pissed.

To celebrate her first day of MAP testing, we decided to go out for seafood, Bird’s favorite.  A new place just opened and it is a little nicer than I would have preferred.  The nearest Red Lobster is pretty far away, though, and, being Missouri, our seafood choices are limited.  So, pricey it is.  Let me just say, though, that taking just two out to eat was so nice.  Bird didn’t have anyone to bicker with.  When Chip got restless, I could focus.  The bill was that much cheaper.

Also?  The house is quieter.  Once again, this has more to do with the lack of bickering than it does with Mare.  She isn’t a loud kid.  But she does know how to push her sister’s buttons.

With Mare gone we have had to put The Deathly Hallows on hold.   Bird wasn’t open to any of the other books I suggested, so I bought her a kid’s crossword puzzle and we have been doing that in the evenings.   Since I like puzzles (even though I’m not particularly good at them; my own crossword book is titled ‘Easy as Pie’ and I still can’t finish the puzzles) this substitute suites me fine.


That said?  I miss Mare terribly and can’t wait for her to get back.  Plus, a house with three kids *should* be filled with bickering and screams of fairness.  It’s only natural.


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