Posted by: heartfull | March 27, 2009

sunrise surrealness

Driving into work this morning I see a car sitting at an angle at the very end of my entrance ramp, like the driver tried to get it to the shoulder but couldn’t quite make it.  Hazards flashing.

Perhaps 200 feet later, I pass a highway sign, the orange-bulb kind that the DOT uses to warn of upcoming road work.  It is flashing “HOSPITAL NEXT EXIT” over and over.

Just before we get to this exit, I see a runner.  He is decked out in running clothes.  Running on the shoulder of the interstate.


Can I even tell you how unsettling all of this was?  So maybe the runner was coming from the broken down car.  But the car was at the end of a well-populated ramp.  Even if he lived off the next exit, there are much better roads for pedestrians that he could use to get there than to run down the interstate shoulder.  Or maybe the car wasn’t his.  Maybe he woke up and thought “Today, today I am going to for a jog down the interstate.  In the rain.”

And the sign.  Why?  Why would there be a highway construction sign advertising the location of a hospital?  Are they being proactive, knowing that it would rain and traffic accidents were more likely?  Is it a full moon and a glut of babies are expected?  I’ve no other ideas.


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