Posted by: heartfull | March 19, 2009

She loves me not.

We had purchased our Pet Containment System a couple months ago, but never got around to using it.  With threats of tickets and pissy neighbors hanging over our head, John got it out and set it up.  He set the the shock level to “timid”.  I set up all the flags yesterday and prepared to train Gertie.  I cut up salami.  I put on her leash.  And then I proceeded to torture my dog.

Gertie is done with me.  After her first session, she ran shaking into the bathroom and didn’t willingly leave for the rest of the evening.  I tried to do a second torture session and she looked at me like I was crazy and cowered.  I had to pull her outside.  I couldn’t bare to do a third (like the book says.)

She slept in the bathroom (one of her more recent quirks – it is exactly half way between the two bedrooms.)  When I got up to take a shower, she wouldn’t budge like she normally does.  She wanted to sleep right there, while I showered.  Um, no – I made her leave.  So she layed down right outside the bathroom door and skittered back in as soon as I opened the door.

I needed to bring her in to work with me this morning so I could drop her off at the groomers and had to actually carry her out of the house because she wouldn’t follow me.

The training is supposed to last for 14 days.  Owners have to be careful that a dog doesn’t become fearful to leave the house.  Or in our case, the bathroom.

So I ‘m thinking an old fashioned chain might be a better option.



  1. I think we can set the collar to beep only. If we set the range to the max, she’ll be able to go anywhere in our yard. I know she’ll be able to get the B’s yard, but they don’t call the police on us. In any case I’m pretty sure when Gertie hears the beep, she’ll want to come back inside.

  2. remember what happened to Shao? he was getting shocked everywhere he went. make sure that isn’t happening to Gert

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