Posted by: heartfull | March 17, 2009


Chip is sick.  Again.  He has had a succession of illnesses this late winter/early spring.  Or maybe it was Mare.  I dunno – I’m really bad a remembering who was sick when.  Needless to say, someone has been sick almost every week this season.

Chip is sick because, I’m assuming, he was playing with the neighbor boy whose mom, “Cathy” told me her son wasn’t allowed to into anyone’s house because he was sick/getting over something/coming down with something.  Not that I’m upset – kids play together, kids share germs.  Totally fine.  But the point is, Chip was playing over there.  Again.

I can’t keep Chip out of their yard and eventually their house.  They have four boys, but he is in between the third and fourth in age – too young for Kevin, who is 5 and too old for Brian, who is 1.  Chip doesn’t care, though – they are boys and he wants to play with them.  It is embarrassing – I think he is playing in the house, only to glance out my window and see that he is in the neighbor’s yard, on the other side of our 6′ privacy fence (he goes out the front door and  around the yard to get there, if our gate is locked.)  Apparently I have no control over him.

On Sunday, I saw that Chip had run over there, so I finished folding some laundry and went and called to let Cathy know I knew he was there playing with their boys and to let me know if he needed to come home.  The answering machine picked up, so I left a message.  A few minutes later, Cathy called to say the boys had gone over to another boy’s house and Chip was supposed to have come and asked me if it was ok if he could go.  Now, this is laughable.  At 3 1/2, Chip is not at a point where he will follow that type of direction.  He just went.  So, I’m mortified that my very young child is now at another house, playing with boys who are much older than he is.  I called that mom and she said it was fine, they were playing in the basement and Chip was acting just fine.  I told her to call me if the boys don’t want him there for any reason because even “he is annoying” is a valid reason since Chip is SIX years younger than her son.

But.  Was that the right thing?  Should I have gone over and gotten him right away?  He loves to play with the neighbor boys.  He has always craved the companionship of boys – when we visit my sister in law, he is in heaven with his cousins.  From what I have been told, he plays well with the older kids.  Cathy has assured me he is not a problem.  For the record, he also plays well with other three year olds when I have set up playdates.  He is just a super-social kid.


On an alarmingly related note, we had a visit from the police last night.  Our dog is pissing our neighbors off with her roaming and trash-diving and we were given a warning.

John got out and set up the eclectric “fence” I had bought last summer but which we never put to use.  I’m training Gertie this afternoon.

Too bad it can’t be that easy with my kid.


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