Posted by: heartfull | March 6, 2009

I was getting dressed in my old t-shirt nightgown last night when Chip walked in the bedroom.  He stopped and looked at me.

Chip:  I can see your na-nas!

Me:  Um, yeah.  It’s ok, Chip.  You are only three.

Chip:  But I’m a big boy!  I shouldn’t see your na-nas anymore!

Me:  …..

So what am I to make of that?  His oldest sister was still nursing at three.  And Four.  And, um, well, we’ll stop there.  But the point is, three can’t possibly be the age at which I have to start shutting my door to change.  I still shower with Mare, for goodness sakes and while I know he is a boy and I won’t shower with him when he is seven, I still can’t believe that I have to watch it already.



Thinking about this, I’m guessing his ideas originate from my admonishments when he pulls my shirt open to look down my shirt.  Which he finds amusing but which irritates the heck out of me.  I believe I have told him he is a big boy now and can’t do that, especially in public.

So.  Mixed messages all over the place at the Heartfull household.


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