Posted by: heartfull | March 4, 2009

It has served me well.

I wore a skirt to work on Monday and as I was trying to decide when I bought it.  I believe I was in college because I remember wearing it while I hostessed at Donnelley’s Pub.  That would have been around 1991.  Erm – let me pull out the old calculator here and, yes, there it is:  2009-1991=18.  Eighteen years I have had this skirt.  Egads.

I don’t think anyone would ever guess it was that old.  I bought it off a sale rack at Saks (not that I actually remember buying it, but I know I would never buy something that wasn’t on sale at Saks, even when I was 20.)  It is a long, olive green, mini-knife pleated skirt.  The pleats extend from the waistband to the ankle.  It is made out of some sort of voile that is semi-sheer.  My younger self was known to wear it without a slip.  I wouldn’t dare now.

By the way, I have never, ever dry cleaned it.  Amazingly enough you would never know.  Generally, I am not that disgusting, but with all those pleats, this skirt would cost a fortune to dry clean and I have my doubts that it would ever look the same.

Well, anyways, even if  I don’t let technology make me feel old, knowing that I can pull clothes out of my closet that I’ve had for 18 years might just do the trick.


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