Posted by: heartfull | February 27, 2009

Apple has proven it: I’m old.

I don’t like to not know how to do things.  And yet technology can be tricky.  Many times I feel unnerved at work and find myself wringing my hands and staring helplessly at my computer until the IT Guy (my brother) rescues me.  But hey, I tell myself, only a small subset of the population know how to do those things, ergo their title “IT Guy”.  Sometimes those things happen at home and then the IT Guy (my husband) rescues me.  Although the rescue involves a lot more grumbling at home.  But it still happens and I thank my lucky stars I married an IT Guy because I don’t know what the heck people who didn’t do when they can’t print.  I feel sorry for them, honestly.

But then there is Apple.  Do not put me in front of a Mac.  I become tremble-y and my head starts aching and my heart starts racing as it becomes more and more obvious with each second that I am incapable of using one.  I was at school a couple weeks ago and Bird’s teacher asked me to make a sign reminding people to “look but don’t touch” the kids’ projects and I thought I was going to have a conniption.  I create massive reports including tables, graphs and footnotes at work and yet I wasn’t able to create a simple sign without help.  I couldn’t even open up the program to create it in.

But!  I tell myself.  But I don’t have to use a Mac every day.  It is a different operating system.  It is for those creative types.  Like, like those teachers!

But then my sister got me an iPod.  A device millions of people use and love every day.  They are like extensions of Gen Y and Gen Z’s bodies.  Me?  I had to go to the store to ask them how to even scroll through the menu options.

Having mastered that, I next thought a little music on the ol’ iPod would be nice.  Ha!  Um, Apple?  iTunes is NOT user-friendly.  It is a maze of menu options that have caused my brain to explode.  More than once.

I decided that the only place I could master iTunes would be at work where I have the interruption-free time to play around with it and a source of some Gen Y brains.  Except when I asked some of those Gen Y people to help me they admitted to a rather haphazzard approach to iTunes that includes trial, error and prayers.

Even so, iPod is a symbol of the young and savvy.  And Apple seems hell-bent on reminding me over and over and over again that I’m neither.



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