Posted by: heartfull | February 17, 2009

Watch It or Move it Lady or Outta My Way or whatever

Chip and I ran to the library today to renew a book and get a new Davey book for him.  Looking for the Davey book, I was bending over, butt high in the air as a young girl, probably six, tried to squeeze by me, her mother close on her heals.  Except I didn’t realize she was doing this and stood up at just the wrong time, leaning slightly back in the process.   Said butt bumped into young child.  “Oh!  Excuse me”, I exclaimed, only to have her scowl at me and say “Watch it!”

Yeah.  My thoughts exactly.  No way was she older than Mare.  That means she was six and could have even been five.

I’m assuming her mom didn’t hear because she looked at me a little apologetically but was moving on.  So I sputtered “She just said ‘Watch it!’ in response to my ‘Excuse me.”  The mom looked perplexed and apologized breezily.  I was flabbergasted.

A few moments later the girl found me again and apologized with a very petulant “Sorry.”  The mom apologized again and I assured her I understood, what with being a mom myself – it wasn’t a big deal, I just thought she would want to know what she said.

Except.  Except it was a big deal because no way was this child acting in a way that indicated she had any manners at all.

So eventually I heard them reading together in the common area.  For the record, if that had been one of my kids, we would have gone home.  Not out of embarrassment but because her behavior was inexcusable and her apology insincere.  She deserves better standards.



  1. Lovely…..Yeah…that would have been the end of the library for our kids. Although, I honestly can’t imagine them being that rude.

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