Posted by: heartfull | January 19, 2009

Not quite figure-eighting…yet

We have been going to the skating rink lately.  John isn’t a skater, so it is just me and the kiddos.  It’s kind of cheap – well not as cheap as staying home, but definitely less than a movie.  Um, unless we end up getting a snack – but more on that later.  It’s good exercise.  It keeps the kids from fighting for at least 2 hours.  And their cheeks get lusciously rosy in the process.  What more can I ask?

Bird’s form is fine for a nine year old, nothing to write home about but she is having fun and has no interest in pulling a Dorothy Hamil.  I got her skates this past weekend.  I kind of had to due to a mix up with Mare’s and a wish to avoid a store credit that I might never use.  She didn’t want them because she *liked* the rental skates.  To appease her I ended up buying a more expensive pair of figure skates than I had planned.  They are the “new” comfort skates:


Ugly, no?  Bird loves them.  She is so *not* into appearances.  I wouldn’t call her a tomboy (is that term outdated?) but more that her only concern is comfort.  In all aspects of her attire.

Mare has renewed her passion for skating and asked to take group lessons.  She had her second one this past Friday afternoon.  I think she is in between levels – I put her in Level 2, but she is the best one in the class and I suspect she could be in Level 3.  She wanted to wear her skating dress yesterday (she must be getting serious…) and I looked everywhere for it.  No luck.  I probably donated it to charity, thinking she was done with the skating.  Bummer – those things are so expensive.  When I told her this, she seemed to think I would just buy her another one.  Um, no.  Possibly for a birthday gift, but that sure seems like a waste.  Then again, if it means one less toy laying around, I might be all for that idea.

Chip absolutely loves going skating.  He started out this winter not being able to stand up on the ice but has progressed quite nicely.  Yesterday he was skating all the way around the rink unassisted, though he fell a lot.  And the term “skating” might be a bit strong – he wobbles and flails as he “runs” in a choppy manner.  Every once in a while he works in a glide.  But he looks about the same as all the other kids out there who are learning.  Some of the little boys are in hockey skates, but I always put rental figure skates on him.  Someone told me one time that hockey skates are harder to skate on.  So I figure he can learn on figure skates and then progress to hockey skates, which I know he’ll want eventually for the cool factor.

His favorite thing is for me to hold him in front of me, supporting him by grasping his armpits and “go fast”.  Once or twice around the ice in this position leaves my back cramped and my body unable to inhale.  Luckily, he is improving and I’ll soon be able to just push him fast instead of, basically, carrying him.

My only beef is the dreaded snack bar.  Two pretzels and a soda (for me) set me back $8, and you aren’t allowed to bring in outside food.  Then again, it only lasts 2 hours.  We just have to get out of the habit…


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