Posted by: heartfull | January 13, 2009

My Feeling Good List

I was feeling really great on Sunday evening because:

  1. I bought a chair Friday afternoon to go with my kinda-new sofa.  I got it at Baker Odds & Ends, so I didn’t have to wait 8 weeks.  Hm – I was just looking for a link and found out that there are only two of them in the US and I just happen to live two miles from one of them.  And no link, so just know that it carries overstocked and probably cancelled orders for Baker furniture which is usually way out of my price range. Way.  And, in fact, most of the Odds & Ends are out of my price range as well.  But this chair wasn’t and was awesome to boot.  What luck!  Anyways, John picked it up on Saturday morning and it was everything I had hoped it would be.  So, so perfect for my family room on so many levels.  It is brown mohair and incredibly comfortable.  The deep brown color is perfect and way better than the plaid the Thomasville designer was pushing me towards.  It is spacious feeling with just the right amount of recline.  And that mohair!  It is a furry chair.  You can’t help but rub the upholstery as you sit in it.
  2. I got my Christmas decorations taken down Saturday morning, spurred into action by the need to put my new chair someplace.  I like my room being back to normal.
  3. I spent a lot of time on Saturday and Sunday perusing websites looking for the perfect upholstered ottoman to use as an occasional table in front of the sofa and chair.  While fun, that was slightly frustrating, so maybe I shouldn’t have included it on this list.  Except to say that the fabric possibilities are endless and that is fun!  But the price tag is also endless – not so much fun.  Sigh.
  4. We went to dinner Saturday evening and it was a great time.  The restaurant had a fire pit complete with straw bales and blankets to sit around, so the kids were occupied while we waited for our table.  And the food was good.  No one fought or spilled milk.  Afterwards we went out for frozen custard.  Yummy good times.
  5. Mare and I went to the mall on Sunday and had a great time.  We ate at CPK and I read Junie B. Jones Loves Handsome Warren aloud to her and we seriously laughed so hard that other diners looked at us.  But I’m telling you, Barbara Park is a very funny person.
  6. After lunch, we went to Justice and I bought Mare some clearance clothes.  Then we went to Ann Taylor and I bought some clearance clothes for me.  Mare loves to shop and I love having a daughter to shop with.
  7. I needed those clothes.  While I still hope to fit into my old ones, Oprah is right – I need to dress for the body I have right now, not the one I used to have (or hope to have.)  And I have been feeling pretty shitty lately, what with the acne and weight gain.  Well-fitting clothes were what I needed.
  8. Lastly, I am happy to say that the acne is much better.  That helps my mood immeasurably.

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