Posted by: heartfull | January 9, 2009

me and my foot

I found this post in my saved file and thought it was so appropriate.  I totally struggle to keep my foot out of my mouth.  Daily.


I talked to my friend C yesterday.  Her daughter, T, and Mare have been friends since kindergarten.  They both played on the non-select soccer team and coincidentally both ended up on the same CYC soccer team this year.  T has been on the waiting list to start at the same gymnastics place Mare and another friend take, and got in as of last week (yay!  I only have to drive every 3rd week now!)  And T started the jazz class with Mare.

So, I was talking to C about the Rockers thing.  Mare and T were at about the same skill level – which was pretty low compared to the rest of the team.  We used to commiserate about the situation all the time.  So yesterday afternoon I said to C “I’ll be really pissed if T makes the team when they have tryouts this spring, since I pulled Mare so early…”

After a few more thoughts, we hung up.  And I started to obsess.  Jeez – I had really just offended my friend, right?  So, I called C back.

“Hey – you know, I’ve been sitting here obsessing about whether I totally offended you when I said that I would be pissed if your lovely daughter made the team.  You know what I meant didn’t you?  That I would be pissed at myself for having pulled Mare too soon?”

She just laughed.  Yeah – she got it.  Quit obsessing girlfriend.


At PTO a couple weeks ago we were talking about Box Tops and how if everyone just clipped and saved them, we could raise some easy cash.  A really nice woman sitting next to me whispered that she doesn’t clip them and really doesn’t even know what products they are on.

“Oh” I respond, “I clip a ton!  Of course they are mostly just on the high-end stuff…”

WTF?  Did I just say that?  I spent the rest of the meeting kicking myself for (unintentionally???) bragging about my grocery shopping habits and insinuating that the woman next to me doesn’t buy the good stuff.  Like, you know, Cheerios and Old El Paso Taco Dinner Kits.



  1. I didn’t realize Cheerios and Wheaties were high end….I’m living in luxury apparently. ;)

  2. Yeah – that last sentence was supposed to have read sarcastically…

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