Posted by: heartfull | January 5, 2009

Why I love Mondays

John:  I don’t want to go to work tomorrow, Sigh…

Sara:  Huh.  Can’t relate.


Why I was looking forward to this morning:

Six hours of “me” time.  Yeah, I have to work, but I enjoy what I do, for the most part.  What I don’t have to do for the six hours I’m there is:

  • Laundry
  • Cooking
  • Dishes
  • Cleaning up spilled milk
  • Listening to whining
  • Locating lost items
  • Breaking up fights
  • Making snacks
  • Keeping boredom at bay
  • Constantly picking up toys, shoes, coats, art projects, tools left out after home improvement projects are “done” (ahem)
  • and on and on and on.

I have a very loving and involved spouse.  He definitely helps out and does many things that I don’t do – like change out light bulbs, lawn mowing, odd repairs around the house and so on.  If I give him a specific task, he will do it.  If I don’t give him a specific task, though, he won’t think of it on his own and I will find him reading or watching television in the bedroom.  I complained about this tendency to him at some point over the break and he huffed about how I had posted here about reading taking precedence over everything else.  The implication was I lay around reading and indulging in bonbons while he is at work every day.  Erm.  No.  That post was an example of  exaggeration for effect (however ineffective it might have been.)  Any reading I do during the day is limited to 5 or 10 minute snatches.  Chip sees to that.  Heavy reading occurs at night, after all the kids are in bed and I should be sleeping.

So, yeah, I’m enjoying my day back.  I began it with a steaming cup of oatmeal as I perused my email and checked a couple blogs.  I put my oatmeal mug in the sink for someone else to wash.  I poured myself a large glass of iced tea which I sip throughout the morning as I work on invoicing, solve network issues, prepare proposals and pay bills.  I chat with coworkers, answer client questions and solve employee issues.  Once a week or so I meet a friend for lunch before heading home.  My office job can be stressful.  But not the same kind of stress that a messy house and whiny children produce.

After a morning of  this “work”, I’m ready to get back home to my children.  And I’m a better mother because of the break.



  1. Gosh, I sure do miss that aspect of work… LOL. Really, I do. I was never meant to be a SAHM. I love my kids but wow, I could use a break! Have a great week.

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