Posted by: heartfull | December 30, 2008

What was Santa thinking?

Mare’s Christmas List this year:

  1. Puppy
  2. Happiness For Everyone
  3. The Most Beautiful Thing In The World.

She told everyone this list, including Santa.  I explained to her that we already have a dog.  She responded with “I know, but a little pet would be ok, Mom.”  Sigh.

I knew what the perfect pet would be.  I had grown up with a parade of hamsters in my life.  My husband, though, had not.  His mother detested the very idea of any rodent, and he inherited this disposition.  We had fought about discussed this in the past and I had never won.  So, I had my work cut out for me this Christmas.  I had to convince my husband that small rodents were not in fact spawns of Satan and were actually cute, cuddly, entertaining, and easy-to-care-for pets.  Luckily, it is hard for my husband to resist the magic of Mare and when he heard her Christmas list, the convincing was actually pretty easy.  So yeah.  This is his fault.

I bought the hammster about a week before Christmas and kept it at my mom’s.  This was good.  They need a week to get used to their new home before you are supposed to even try to touch them.  Christmas Eve I ran over, picked him and up and excitedly set his cage next to Chip’s Big Wheel and Bird’s “fancy” Barbie Dolls.  It was going to be perfect!

Christmas morning I got up and went out to get the camera ready and f-r-e-a-k-e-d out when I saw that my “perfect” Christmas morning had been ruined.  By the dog.  Cage tipped over, bedding everywhere, no hamster in site.

I cleaned it up and quickly decided to tell Mare that Santa must have just brought the cage and intended for us to pick out our own hamster (as had happened last year when he brought Bird a fish tank.)  It worked, and Mare was thrilled with her gift.  A while later we were in the middle of opening gifts and Mare was picking out new presents for everyone to open when she screamed at the top of her lungs and lept into my arms.  “Mom! Santa must have brought me a hamster because I just saw something under the tree!  Loose!”  Hilarity ensued as we caught the little bugger and got him back in his cage.  I quickly thought up another story, explaining that I had, actually, found the cage overturned this morning but just figured Santa had accidentally kicked it over while going up the chimney, but, wow, Gertie (the dog) must have actually done this!

Mare was thrilled.  She named the hamster Puppy Teddy Pup and was the happiest kid ever that morning.


So, that was last week.  The kids have had a great time with the newest pet.  We made a Petsmart run for a ball for her to run around in and that has provided endless amounts of entertainment.  It has been just as I thought it would be except for the little part I skimmed over when imagining our family and its newest pet.  The part being the hamster wheel.


The focus of my ire.

My god I hate this thing.  And Pup apparently loves it.  She loves it all night long.



  1. LMAO>… I’m sorry. Not funny. But I am sitting here laughing my butt off! I want one of those hamster wheels for my 3 year old. ANd another for the almost 2 year old. Ha! (I think the 14 yo might object to one!)

    Did you ever get The Host? Have you read it yet? Curious what you think….

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