Posted by: heartfull | December 29, 2008


I had not been able to get my hands on my copy of Eclipse so finally, John drove to my sister’s house and picked up her copies of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.  More proof that the man loves me.

That was on Saturday night.  I started in on Eclipse at 9:00 after the kids were in bed and, figuring it was OK since it was Saturday night, I stayed up reading it until, erm, well… 3:00 am.  Yeah, I’m a glutton for punishment.  But!  It was Saturday – I knew I had all day Sunday to recover and would be able to go to bed early Sunday night.

Real life, I have found, tends to throw wrenches in plans like those.  At 6:30 pm on Sunday night, Chip started vomiting and he didn’t stop until – well, I don’t know when.  I’m at work and he could be puking right now.  I know I didn’t have to get up past 4:30 am this morning – except to get ready for work at 5:30 (yeah – I slept in and was 20 minutes late for work.  Sue me.)  Every freaking hour or so, I would hear him stir, snatch him out of bed and run for the bathroom to get him over the toilet.  There is a soiled pile of towels/sheets/blankets since I didn’t always hear him stir in time to get him out of my bed.  All I can say it that kid is a trooper.  He didn’t cry, didn’t complain, just did his business and then let me carry him back to bed for another 45 minutes of rest before then next episode.


Bird and Mare were completely put out that I told them I couldn’t read to them last night.  The whining!  My god, their brother was lying listlessly in the bedroom next to them and all they could think about was their reading time.  Where was their compassion?  Where was the empathy I have written about before?  I was really mad and told them they were acting like spoled, self centered kids that I could not be less proud of.  That lecture had little effect, and they were still whining when I left their room.  Grrr.



  1. SOmetimes, kids are just self centered. It is a natural thing for them. I know it is frustrating and a little upsetting. But, they outgrow it…. mostly. I read a new book this past week that kept me up til 3 am. It’s called 13 reasons why. VERY good book about teen suicide. Not for kid reading, but teens for sure. Have you read it?

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