Posted by: heartfull | December 23, 2008

Setting new standards for holiday productivity!

Not only did I manage to finish my second reading of New Moon last night, but I got my wrapping done, did my holiday grocery shopping, and squeezed in a bit of shopping for some last minute gifts.  Smoke’n.

Why, yes, New Moon did in fact take precedence.  Upon arriving home from work, I started in on it.  I paused my reading long enough to break up a couple fights, soothe a few booboos, make dinner and then again to eat dinner and then again to hit Michaels, TJ Maxx and the grocery store.  Oh – and I had to stop again to start Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince with the girls.  But I only read them half of the first chapter because New Moon was waiting it was late at that point.  Luckily, I finished it by 10:30 pm, so I still had time to get the Christmas wrapping done.  Bows be damned.  Kinda like Edward.  Shit – I’m obsessed.

So my friend has my copy of Eclipse.  I think I’ll wait until after Christmas to bug her for its return.



  1. LOL… I cannot find our copy of eclipse so I started to reread The Host. Maybe I should just wrap presenst instead!

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