Posted by: heartfull | November 24, 2008

The power of books

They are so powerful, that they can make a generally sane woman crazy.

An example would be the overwhelming urge I felt yesterday, while reading Marshmallow to Mare, to go out and buy my six year old a snow-white bunny.  Boy, I kept thinking, that Marshmallow is so adorable!  And I bet it is so soft and cuddly.  And Mare!  She would be so happy (alternatively her older sister would be completely bent out of shape – but whatever.)  I thought about how I have read they can be house trained.  I read about how they don’t make any noise.  And just look at those drawings – they made my heart yearn for my very own bunny!

And then I got to the part where Clare Turlay Newberry very honestly describes the chewing bunnies like to do and the destruction to furniture that results.  And I was cured of my insanity.



  1. I’m glad your insanity was cured. At least chickens produce eggs….

  2. I support obsession with cutesy rodents!! Rabbits are a bit too un-cuddly for me, but rodents in general are great… so long as you keep them away from anything you don’t want chewed… ;)

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