Posted by: heartfull | November 17, 2008

Why he has a hole in his butt:

Emmy and Chip were driving in the car last Friday, singing “This Little Light of Mine”.  Chip loves to sing and, when Emmy first called to tell me this story I was surprised to hear her say “we were singing” because generally speaking, Chip doesn’t allow anyone but himself to sing in the car.  Should any of the rest of his family start singing along with him, he yells at us to be quiet.  Lovely.  Friday, though, he was apparently feeling generous.

Emmy decided that the song provided a perfect opportunity for a bible lesson.  She explained to Chip that the song is about how Jesus came to save us because God loves us and that is why He had to die on the cross.  With out missing a beat, Chip replied:  “I died!  On the roof because a man shot me and that is why I have a hole in my butt!”

Emmy told me later that she decided that little bible lesson sailed right over his head.


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