Posted by: heartfull | November 11, 2008

The joys of co-sleeping

I have questioned many choices over the past 9 years.  Co-sleeping isn’t one of them, though.  Snuggling with my babies and toddlers has brought me more joy than possible.  While there have been stages of sleeplessness, for the most part I would say I have slept better than most parents who don’t co-sleep.

My co-sleeping babies slept.  Through the night.    When they are infants they did need to eat, but I quickly mastered the art of breastfeeding on my side and never looked back.  I would wake for a moment to latch them on and then fall back asleep.  Yeah – we skipped the burping thing but there never seemed to be any ramifications.

SIDS is pretty much non-existent in countries where co-sleeping is the norm.  This would be all the countries in the world besides Western Europe and North America, mind you.  Knowing this helped me sleep though I will admit to waking occasionally and reaching over to check for a warm cheek during those first few years months.

My babies snuggle with me all night.  Bliss.

My toddlers snuggle with me all night.  Bliss.

When the babies turned into toddlers, things could get a bit harry regarding the night nursing.  But a firm resolve usually resulted in night weaning.  Unless the baby was Chip.  Then I never successfully night weaned him and became resentful – but really?  This had more to do with our nursing relationship than co-sleeping – because once he turned two I resented the daytime nursing even more than the night time nursing.

I wake up sometimes and look over to find my toddler sleeping spread eagle – a limb touching his/her daddy and another touching his/her mommy.  I suppose someone could get upset about the logistics but I don’t.  I find it endearing.


For the second time this week Chip has woken up in the middle of the night and proceeded to tell me about his dream.  This is new and it fascinates me since my other two never did it.  Last night a dog was licking his cheek.  As he told me about it, he laid back down and fell asleep mid-sentance.

I patted his arm and smiled to myself as I drifted off.

Who would want to miss that?


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