Posted by: heartfull | November 5, 2008

Sunday Reading Marathon

Bird, Mare and I finished Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix on Sunday.  We read for three hours.  THREE.  HOURS.  The girls were tired after a very busy Halloween season and, after every 1/2 hour or so I asked if they wanted to keep going and they always begged for more.  And, yeah, even though this is my fourth time reading the series, I didn’t want to stop either.

I’m pretty sure that the fifth book is my favorite.  I absolutely love reading about the occlumency lessons.  Snape is an awesome character.  Harry’s teenage angst is realistic, his anger palpable.  Dumbledore is so human at the end, explaining his mistakes, answering Harry’s questions – I ended the book with a tear in my eye.

A small vent.  Death Eaters.  Stupid name.  Even my 9 year old questioned where it comes from.  Everything else about the books is so well thought out that I’m left wondering why she chose something so simplistic.  It sounds like a name a 6 year old would think up.  IMHO.

We are holding off on reading the 6th book – I think the girls need a break.  I don’t know though – I’m reading Pipi Longstockings to Mare (Bird is not interested) and it is boring in comparison.  Well, boring for me.  Mare giggles at all the right times and asks me to keep reading at the end of each chapter.  For her, I think the simplicity is a welcome break.  When we are done, though, I expect I’ll ask them what we should start and the only logical answer will be Book 6.  I can’t wait.

So what to read before bed last night?  With book 5 finished and only one child interested in Pipi, I pulled out our ColorKu game and we finished a puzzle before bed.  Bird loves it and can do the “easy” cards.  Mare gets it but needs a little coaching – she tends to put a marble down just because it works without considering all the options.  I’m just pleased we have another, fun, activity and I can’t help but think that it has to be a great way to round out bedtime – shake up the reading with a little math.


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