Posted by: heartfull | October 31, 2008

Halloween is F-U-N

Parent night at school gives us all a chance to meet the teacher, see the classroom and sign up to help.  I decided that, yeah, I’m super active at the school but more in a behind-the-scenes way and my kids would really appreciate it if I signed up to be the party coordinator for one holiday for each of them.  So, Halloween for Mare’s class and (if I remember correctly) Valentines Day for Bird’s.

Along the same line of thinking, I agreed to co-lead for Mare’s Daisy Troop.  Because, really, what’s a meeting once a month?  Except for the fact that sometimes there is an activitiy in between meetings – like a Halloween Party.

Oh – its Halloween!  That means I also like to host an After-Trick-Or-Treating Party for my street.  We had a great time last year.  Of course we are doing it again.  Of course.

So, this week I have signed myself up to host three parties.  Two of them are done and were, in all honesty, not at my house though I was still kind of “in charge”.  The last one is tonight and I really haven’t done anything for it.  But my plans are to run to the grocery store and dollar store (for the silly string) right after work and then make some chili this afternoon and set out the table and decorations left over from last year and not get all worried about making it super-duper fancy.  And have fun, because that is what it is supposed to be about, right?



  1. I hope your party is a total blast! I love Hween…. my fave holiday!

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