Posted by: heartfull | October 28, 2008

Chicken Eggs vs. Chicken Poop

My brother is trying to rid himself of his chickens.  He built a coop and outfitted it with three chickens who lay three delicious eggs a day.  Well, my family says they are delicious – his doesn’t because they don’t eat eggs much.  Yeah – I didn’t know why they were doing this either.

Mind you, Bro and his wife live in the Big City.  But the chickens are quiet and they don’t like to loose sight of their coop. So while he lets them run around his fenced backyard, they don’t squeeze out the holes in the fence because their coop is their only form of protection.  Bro’s neighbors love all the chicken eggs they are getting since my brother’s family aren’t actually consuming the fruits of their labor.

Speaking of labor – there isn’t much.  Make sure there is water and food.  Pick up three eggs every morning.  Oh – and clean out the massive amounts of chicken poop that gathers around the yard, on top of the coop and on their deck.  It was the site of this chicken poop that made my decision for me on Sunday.

Yeah – I was considering it.  My kids love Uncle Bro’s eggs.  They are delicious with dark orange yolks, perfect texture and as organic as the person feeding them chooses to make them.  Bird loves to fry one over easy, put it on buttered toast and enjoy that dark orange yolk as it runs all over her plate.

She also formed a lasting bond with one of the chickens when we went over to check out the level of noise these birds produced.  I was afraid my neighbors would freak out (they would) and I was hoping that with the size of our yard and the presence of our 6′ privacy fence, they might not, um, notice.  Bird picked up the reddish one and declared it her favorite.  And then proceeded to beg.

Now the thought of my kids eating organic, truly free-range eggs every morning makes me giddy.  All that protein!  All those vitamins!  But that giddiness started to evaporate as I started to look around my Bro’s yard.  Poop.  Everywhere.

And yeah – it really is a simple matter of cleaning it up on a regular basis.  But I know myself.  I know John.  We would not do it any more often than my Bro does.  And ewwwwww.

So we left, not telling our kids that the possibility was now non-existent.  Before we got in the van, I did a shoe check.  Ewwwwww.



  1. pfffttt…. what’s a little poop? you could use chicken wire (ha ha) to fence off an area of your immense backyard.. say, the back right corner, make a chicken area. 8′ x 8′ or so. who says the chickens need the whole run of your backyard?

  2. I’m not opposed as long as an electric pressure washer is procured along with said chicken coop. I could see this as a potential problem in the winter. How does one pressure wash a chicken coop in January when it’s 10 degrees out? Perhaps we should just eat the chickens.

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