Posted by: heartfull | October 24, 2008

Goodbye, Rockers

Tonight is Mare’s last soccer game with the “pre-select” team.  To mark the end of their fall season, they have planned a party at Fuddruckers complete with trophies that we parents have to anti up $9 for at the end of the evening.  I know I’m a cheap bastard, but all I can think is that I’m paying $9 for something that will end up collecting dust on a shelf because it doesn’t mean anything.  Remember when trophies meant something, not just “wow!  you finished a season!”?  Bleh.

Wednesday was her last practice.  She is very aware that she is the only one not playing indoor soccer.  When we got home, she tried to throw guilt at me, but really, Mare just isn’t capable of it.  She is just too glass-half-full.  So, while she is bummed that everyone else is going to be playing indoor soccer and she isn’t, a quick mention of the cool new dance moves she is learning erased the pain.

My argument throughout this has been we “can’t do everything.”  Sigh – this particular strategy is wearing thin.  She is becoming increasingly aware that most of her friends do do everything.  And unlike Bird, Mare probably has the disposition to handle more than two activities at a time.  Too bad for her that her mom doesn’t have the cash nor the willingness to run herself ragged indefinitely.


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