Posted by: heartfull | October 21, 2008

The year of the Bird

Bird’s first quarter is over.  I haven’t received her report card, but I did receive a packet of testing and evaluation material.  I’m expecting good things based on those papers and the number of comments like “100%”, “awesome!” and “great”. This mama is floating on cloud nine!

One evaluation the school does is to test her reading skills.  Mrs. G had previously told us Bird tested extremely high.  Mrs. G told me the score, and I knew she was excited about it, but apparently I didn’t get the significance.   To close out the quarter, they tested the kids again and sent home the results in the packet.  This time, Mrs. G circled Bird’s score and, with a red Sharpie, drew an arrow to the grade level Bird’s score corresponded to.  The arrow didn’t point to 4th grade, which is what I had assumed a high score would indicate for a 3rd grader.  Nope.  It pointed to 7th grade.  I was stunned.

Keep up the good work, Bird!

Hard at work...

Hard at work...



  1. Wonderful! My daughter did placement tests when we moved to Mississippi and when she was in 7th grade she tested out at college level in every subject. Thats either a great accomplishment for her or it really says something bad about the MS school system! LOL I know how proud you are… keep up the great work Bird!

  2. That is funny! But I bet Mississippi does a great job – she is just smart :)…

    FTR, Bird isn’t gifted. All the students at her school are tested in first grade. And while I was a little bummed when she didn’t make the gifted program, I think I have discovered she has traits that are just as important: She is smart, focused and motivated. This will serve her well.

  3. B – I am so proud of you! You’ve worked very hard for this!

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