Posted by: heartfull | October 20, 2008

My heart, it melted

The Scene:  bedtime last night, after teeth have been brushed and the chapter of Harry Potter has been read.

Mare:  You can’t leave yet mom!  We have to talk about our busy day!

Mom:  It was busy – what was your favorite part?  Was it…  PSR class (yeah – I knew that wasn’t the winner) or The Butterfly House (including a surprise halloween event with crafts, games and face painting) or attending The Gruffalo (a play at a local theater that we have season tickets for) or dinner at Red Robins with Grandma and Grandpa or the trip to Barnes and Noble to pick out a new book?  There was so much, Mare, can you possibly choose?

Mare:  (pauses for a moment, puts her arms around my neck and declares) “right now!”



  1. Ah…Mare…I hope you never lose that sweetness.

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