Posted by: heartfull | October 17, 2008


I have been noticing, lately, that my kids’ friends seem to be able to do more for themselves than mine do.  They get themselves dressed for their own activities, including putting on gear, tying shoes and pulling hair back into ponytails.  They seem to know where their stuff is – nobody packs their bags for them, fills their water bottles or nags them.

I’m taking notes.


We had friends over after the half day of school yesterday and when I told Mare and her friend it was time to get ready for their respective activities, they went and did it, excited for the upcoming class.  When I told Bird to do the same (after already having located her dance clothes and laid them out on the dresser), she informed me in a haughty way that she wasn’t going to dance.

I started to argue.  I started to beg.  I started to tell her the usual line of “you can quit, but you have to go to this class.”  And then, I stopped.  I looked at her and said fine, you are done.  And I walked out.

I meant it.  But, she got herself dressed and was ready to go when I walked out the door.


And that is that.  I am done begging her to do activities.  If she won’t get ready for dance, I’ll cancel it.  If she won’t put her soccer uniform on, so be it.  End of story.



  1. Good for you. Stick to your guns and she will soon realize you mean business!

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